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From The CEO

MD_CEOThe recent unprecedented rapid economic development with its attendant impact in all the sectors has created ample opportunities and needs in and for Aviation industry with an inherent challenge of improving the supply chain of mechanism. It is noteworthy to state that the distribution network is in line with customers’ needs. Therefore, constant innovation is required to keep pace with the development within the travel and aviation industry.

In the face of this astute realization, Dvine is making conscientious endeavors to invest in its infra-structural development by providing novel travel, tour and educating solutions to its teeming customers, with the assistance of tested and trusted superlative technology based devices at the forefront. We are mindful of the fact that it is only by adopting and acquiring a customer-friendly solutions strategy that we will be able to bring about added value services driven by corporate governance and best standard practice.

Our people are our assets and consequently, are important element in the equation of ultimately determining the actualization of our corporate objectives. Consequent upon this, we pay special attention to continually improving our Human Capital, through training and other enhancement processes that will have great impact in creating a formidable workforce and then, creating the most conducive environment in the industry.

We operate a stop shop office. We have several products packaged to optimally meet our customer’s various needs at a go. Hence, we are in careful partnership with operators, noting their significant stake in our business. With the help of our partners, we create and deliver quality products that bring higher level of satisfaction to our customers.

Our strategic corporate objectives are driven by our sole desire of building a customer oriented relationship. To achieve our objectives, we are poised on investing in business acquisitions, improving distribution network and expanding our catchment centres.

Our focus is to impress and make our name a household name. This will result in positioning ourselves close to our customers in order to service them better.

We are not unaware of the challenges and expectations of our customer and business partners and we are positioned to surpassing these expectations. We are creating a successful business module for the future such that whenever you think of any travel and challenge, you will think of Dvine. We are confident that we will be able to meet these challenges and consistently grow business and maintain the quality level.

Looking forward to serving you.

Olumuyiwa A. Salami